(23.5.2013) I dumped nearly all pictures here I took during the Calix block heater installation, it's better than nothing. Plan is to write some instructions later, though it wasn't that hard it couldn't be done without. Took some 2 hours for the first time, now 1 hour would be enough.

Forgotten to took a picture of the cable installation accessory bag, but there was not much to see really.

118 euros heater + cable set in Finland (Tarvikkeet.fi). Heater element RE528 + cable set MKMS1525 (1.5m element cable, 2.5m utility cable). 230V 400W.

Compared to Defa 300W external oil sump heater the Calix is a clear winner. While I was placing the order for the car I was told that a real block heater can't be installed on this engine, so I got the Defa then. Later I learned that was not true, so now I have them both, 700W all together. Faster and better pre-heatup, less wasted energy.

Note 1: You are probably going to have only one block heater installed, so do put the socket to the left side if possible. This will make the installation even easier because you will have free access behind the left hand fog lamp frame. On the right side you have to find your way there via the wheel arc as I did. I assume LHD and RHD engine bays are identical?

To make more room for your hand(s) remove 2 bolts holdind the over pressure valve(?) in place:

Use a brush rod or hockey stick to keep it up:

The exact socket mount hole diameter should be 29mm, but I used step drill to make 30mm hole without issues. You can use a cone drill (the stepless version) too if you don't have 29mm drill in hand. You don't have to buy the professional 100+ euros set to get thru the plastic, try to find the cheaper lower grade version and you will do fine. For example on eBay it is 11 GBP shipped from Hong Kong. I got mine from local hardware store some years ago.