Calix Block Heater Installation

I desided to add a second block heater on my Yaris Hybrid. The original heater installed by dealer is made by Defa, and is a 300W contact type heater mounted on back side of the engine, under the exhaust manifold. Being a contact heater and only 300W it is not very effective or efficient. On my earlier commuters I have had some 600-700W coolant heaters, and the difference is remarkable.

The second one is a real block heater, and is slightly more powerful with 400Watts. The heating element goes inside the engine block so all heat coming out from the element must effectively be transferred to the engine. The element is manufactured by Calix.

I ordered the heater element and cables online from a finnish store for 118 euros. The element type is RE528 and cables MKMS1525 (1.5m element cable, 2.5m utility cable). Calix seems to have dealers around the europe, so try find one close to you.

It took some 2 hours to install for the first time, partly because I documented the operation at the same time. And I am not a car mechanic, or car electrician.

Forgotten to took a picture of the cable accessory bag, but there was not much to see really.

If you are going to install the heater you are probably going to have only one, not two like me, so do put the socket to the left side if possible. This will make the installation even easier because you will have free access behind the left hand fog lamp frame. On the right side you have to find your way there via the wheel arc as I did. I assume LHD and RHD engine bays are identical? In my Yaris the left fog lamp frame was already occupied by the Defa socket, so I had to do it the slightly harder way.

Kit contents

Find the mounting location

Make room for your hands

Remove planetary gearbox pressure valve

Heater element installation

Utility socket installation

Cable installation and routing


Published on  August 15th, 2013

Yaris Hybrid: Yaris 1.33VVT-i MMT: (ex) Urban Cruiser 1.33VVT-i